Giving Tuesday and the National Safety Council

Observance is an ideal time to support the nonprofit’s mission of eliminating preventable deaths and injuries.

Felicia Miceli
December 02, 2019

Dec. 3 is Giving Tuesday, a day that inspires millions of people across the globe to show up and give back to causes and issues that matter to them.

After I lost my son Louie Theodore Miceli to an opioid overdose in 2012, I connected with the National Safety Council, an organization committed to helping people live their fullest lives.

For more than 100 years, NSC has been the nation's leading safety advocate, striving to eliminate preventable deaths at work, on the road, and in homes and communities. The nonprofit continually makes advancements in those areas through strong leadership, heartfelt advocacy, extensive research and education.

NSC is committed to helping keep people safe wherever they are and is the trusted source for safety information and resources. Those resources include data showing preventable drug overdoses are at an all-time high, having claimed more than 61,000 lives in 2017, as well as information and tools to help keep people safe from addiction and overdose.

I am now part of the NSC Survivor Advocate Network. When the organization was seeking personal stories for the launch of its touring opioid exhibit, Prescribed to Death: A Memorial to the Victims of the Opioid Crisis, I decided to help, sharing Louie’s story.

Prescribed to Death has made eight stops around the country so far. As it continues to touch and connect with individuals, family members and legislators across the U.S., I am struck by its impact – people are not only learning about the risks of prescribed opioids, but they are also receiving tangible tools to help combat the opioid crisis.

Talk about making a difference.

Visitors to Prescribed to Death have the opportunity to learn about my son Louie, an accomplished athlete who played football on the state championship team. A sports injury resulted in Louie’s addiction to prescription painkillers, which led to his death at age 24.

I hope Louie’s story reminds others that they have the power to make a difference. I know his story helps illustrate the important work NSC is doing, work that includes the recent launch of an Opioids at Work Employer Toolkit, which employers can use to address the opioid crisis. It also includes the creation of “Opioids: Warn Me” labels, which people can affix to their insurance cards, empowering them to discuss with prescribers the risks of taking opioids and whether other pain relief options are available.

Your support of NSC will help continue this important work.

Please consider making a donation to the National Safety Council on Giving Tuesday at www.nsc.org/forms/donate. With your help, we can eliminate preventable deaths and injuries, ensuring everyone’s Louie comes home to them safely.

Felicia Miceli

Felicia Miceli is a survivor advocate for the National Safety Council and president of the LTM Foundation.

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