Why Every Parent Should Get Involved in National Teen Driver Safety Week

DriveitHOME, in partnership with Honda, is offering a free toolkit to help parents and caregivers protect their new drivers.

September 19, 2023

It’s a difficult time to be a teen driver.

While vehicles are the safest they’ve ever been, today’s roads are crowded with speeding drivers, distractions and plenty of other risks. A quick look at the latest figures backs this up: traffic deaths remain historically high and teens in particular face some of the most dangerous roads of their lives.  

That’s why DriveitHOME, in partnership with Honda, wants parents, caregivers, driver’s ed instructors and other partners across the country to participate in National Teen Driver Safety Week Oct. 15-21. Because while these statistics can be shocking and scary, there is good news: Teens can become responsible drivers if they just get the practice and experience they need.

Get Involved to Protect Your Teen

Since inexperience is the biggest barrier to teen drivers’ success, the best thing parents and caregivers can do is get involved as their teens learn to drive. To make this easier, DriveitHOME and Honda are offering a free National Teen Driver Safety Week toolkit at nsc.org/NTDSW. This toolkit includes posters on important safety topics, videos with tips for driving lessons, the latest stats on teen driver safety and more.  

Whether your teen is working toward a permit or already has a license, you can use this toolkit to connect with them on their driving journey. Are you worried about the risks of distracted driving or want to learn more about what exactly graduated driver licensing (GDL) means? Your toolkit has you covered, with all resources available in both English and Spanish.

Stay Involved All Year Long

Driver’s ed instructors know that working with your teen during this observance is a great step, but staying involved with them – even after they get their license – will make sure they’re prepared to stay safe. Every drive, whether it’s a long trip to see a loved one for the holidays or a quick errand on the weekend, is an opportunity to help your teen learn what to expect and how to respond on the road. So instructors, help us spread the word about this important observance to your students’ parents and caregivers. And parents, use your free toolkit during this time, but then keep it going all year long.  

By talking with your teen about different driving topics, practicing with them in a variety of driving scenarios and always setting a good example for them to follow, you can help your new driver become more confident and careful behind the wheel, and make sure they always get home safe.

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