Become a Certified Defensive Driving Course Instructor

The National Safety Council offers a variety of driver safety instructor-led classroom courses. Select courses can only be taught through authorized Defensive Driving Course Training Centers by certified instructors. To ensure courses are taught consistently by quality, dependable instructors, NSC has developed program-specific instructor courses that certify DDC candidate instructors.

Here is a list of NSC Certified Defensive Driving Courses. You can help save lives by becoming an NSC instructor. NSC trains candidate instructors to deliver DDC Course material through our 2- and 3-day DDC Instructor Courses and our new eLearning Instructor Certification.

Certified DDC Instructors are part of an exclusive group performing a vital role in a lifesaving program. Each year, NSC certifies hundreds of DDC instructors representing many organization types and sizes: private business, education and training, nonprofit, community service, and local, county and federal government agencies.