10th Edition Defensive Driving Course

New York PIRP for 6-Hour Instructors

The new NSC Defensive Driving Course 10th Edition – New York 6-hour program – will be available March 2, 2020. This new course replaces the current New York DDC 6-hr program.

Instructor Webinar

A webinar is available to teach you all about the NY DDC 10th Ed 6-hour course; we highly encourage all instructors take the time to watch the webinar.

New NSC Defensive Driving New York 6-hour 10th Edition Course Transition

  • When Training Center’s transition from the old New York DDC 6-hour to the new DDC 10th Edition NY PIRP 6-hour course, the Training Center must purchase each instructor either a full Instructor Resource Kit (includes the multimedia) OR they have an option just to buy an Instructor Manual (which doesn’t include any multimedia)
  • The new DDC 10th Edition Instructor Resource Kit (IRK) will contain all the materials needed to teach the New York 6-hour PIRP program (6-hour Instructor Manual, USB or DVD multimedia, Course Guide sample, Completion Certificate sample)
  • Each Instructor must have their own kit/manual; Instructors are NOT allowed to share Instructor Resource Kits
  • Multimedia comes in two options: USB option requires a computer (Windows PC or Mac) to play; the DVD option requires an external DVD player
  • Existing Instructors are “transitioned” over to the 10th Edition once the Training Center purchases your kit/manual. Once you have your teaching material, we highly encourage you to watch the webinar
  • Future new DDC PIRP instructors are required to become certified through a new process: All Instructor Development Courses are offered via NSC University e-Learning Instructor Development Course (eIDC). This eIDC will be required for all new instructors joining after March 31, 2021. Existing New York DDC 6-hour instructors that are transitioning are not required to take this eIDC.
  • New York eLearning Instructor Development Course (eIDC) has five Sessions and takes about 13 hours to complete. You can complete the course from any computer with internet access.
    • Session 1 (3 hours): Principles of Teaching Defensive Driving
    • Session 2 (3 hours): How to Best Facilitate a Classroom Defensive Driving Course
    • Session 3 (2 hours plus book reading required): How to change driver behavior through The psychology of Choice Theory
    • Session 4 (4 hours): Comprehensive walk-through of the Defensive Driving 10th Edition program
    • Session 5 (1 hour): Details regarding New York state-specific materials
      IMPORTANT: NSC will make Sessions 4 and 5 available at no cost to any transitioning New York 6-hour instructor during the transition period through March 31, 2021.
  • In addition to the 13 hours of eLearning, the instructor is required to complete the 6-hour classroom course and then team teach 2 classes for a total of 18 additional hours before being certified to teach the NY 6-hour PIRP course.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated as questions arise from instructors.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions at this stage, and continue to check back from time to time. This page will be updated periodically.

Thank you for your driver safety leadership in your communities.

– Your Defensive Driving Team

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