Defensive Driving Course Online

2-Hour Abridged Version

The National Safety Council 2-hour Online Abridged Defensive Driving Course is an abbreviated version of our premier 4-hour course. It teaches the basic safe-driving skills and defensive driving strategies needed to avoid motor vehicle collisions and violations. The course features an engaging, interactive format that will help educate drivers to become more responsible and safe.

NSC Online courses are highly interactive and provide read-life scenarios to help drivers learn life-saving techniques. If schedules do not allow for four hours of training for your drivers, consider this two hour abridged course that can help make your drivers safer by learning defensive driving techniques and skills to avoid collisions. NSC is the most trusted brand in defensive driving having trained over 80 million drivers. 

Courses are mobile friendly and available 24/7.

Safe and Smart Guarantee
30-day, no-questions-asked refund if not completely satisfied.

Save Time
Same life-saving topics and lessons in a condensed course.

Reduce liability for your company and improve driver safety.

This course is available in English and Spanish. 

Interested in specific defensive driving topics? NSC offers 15-minute modules that focus on critical driver safety techniques around issues like speed, following distance and aggressive driving.  NSC also offers a distracted driving course online that helps participants learn about the science and societal impact of distracted driving.

Other helpful NSC Resources include understanding how new advanced safety vehicle technology can impact your driving, how best to avoid cell phone distracted driving to reduce the potential of a tragic incident, and how prescription medications may cause impairment.

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