Defensive Driving 'Packaged' Classroom and Self-Study

The National Safety Council offers “packaged” training for organizations who wish to teach in an Instructor-led classroom setting or opt for independent learning. These courses do not require NSC instructor authorization and can be taught or given to the participant as soon as course materials arrive. Defensive Driving Online Courses are another option for self-paced training.

Defensive Driving Self-Study Course: 3rd Edition

Highly effective driver safety training program ideal for employees unable to attend a classroom course or enroll in an online program. Ideal for employee orientation, refresher and post-incident driver training. New 3rd edition contains the latest statistics and driving regulations, with a focus on individual driver behavior.

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle 5: Ambulance

6-hour instructor-led course adapts defensive driving techniques to the unique nature of ambulance drivers for maneuvering safely through traffic under sever time constraints. Also available in an online course. Also available as an online course.

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle 4: Fire

6-hour instructor-led course designed for fire apparatus operators teaches defensive driving strategies for maneuvering safely through traffic under severe time constraints and stress. Also available as an online course.

Coaching the Van Driver 4

4-hour instructor-led course details the difference between driving a van and driving a car. It offers practical ways van drivers can adjust their driving style to this unique type of vehicle.

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