Defensive Driving Self Study 3rd Edition - Corporate Package

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Defensive Driving Self Study 3rd Edition - Corporate Package
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About this product

This course addresses the most common causes of motor-vehicle incidents and provides drivers with the knowledge and strategies to avoid collisions and traffic violations. It allows participants to study at their own pace.

The Corporate Package is perfect training for individual motorists or for an entire fleet. It is a convenient and affordable choice for organizations with drivers who are unable to attend a classroom course or do not have access to the Internet. It’s also an ideal option for new employee orientation, refresher and post-incident training.

Course Materials:

  • (10) Study Guides and NSC Certificate of Completion – Contain easy-to-follow material, illustrations and key learning points. Additional Study Guides sold separately.
  • (1) USB – Includes 14 videos depicting real life driving scenarios. The Study Guide will tell participants when to view each video as they progress through the course.
  • Final Exam – Includes multiple-choice test and one answer sheet overlay for grading . You can grade the exams with our grading guide then provide participants who score at least 70% with the Certificate of Completion.