The NSC Defensive Driving Online Modules provide companies with the flexibility to train employees on a single topic or choose the complete library for a more comprehensive training program. Each 20 minute module presents real-life driving scenarios and hazard recognition exercises that will educate employees about safe driving practices. Each module topic was selected for development based on customer feedback regarding important safety areas and topics face. With each module being on such an important safety topic, each course can help change risky driving behaviors.

Have your employees view one module based on an important topic to your organization, multiple modules to enhance learning, or the entire library so employees can learn defensive driving techniques on these nine key topics. Learn more here about the course topics and benefits.

DDC Online Module Course Topics

Lane Management
Teaches proper use of traffic lanes and techniques to prevent lane-related collisions in various driving scenarios.
Speed Management
Teaches speed management in the most common driving conditions and situations.
Avoiding Impaired Driving
Teaches practical, common sense techniques on avoiding and responding to reckless impaired driving.
Avoiding Fatigued Driving
Learn the warning signs of drowsy driving and how to change driver sleeping habits and decisions.
Avoiding Aggressive Driving
Learn to avoid aggressive drivers and keep from becoming an aggressive driver in the most stressful situations.
Learn reasons drivers collide at intersections and defensive driving procedures to avoid these deadly crashes.
Weather and Road Conditions
Teaches proper defensive driving techniques to maneuver your vehicle in extreme weather and road conditions.
Backing and Parking Lot Strategies
Learn safe driving techniques to avoid preventable collisions in multiple backing and parking situations
Avoiding Fixed Objects
Identifies reasons drivers collide with fixed objects, and practices and techniques to eliminate these collisions. (For public utility and service industry vehicles.)

NSC also offers a distracted driving course online that helps participants learn about the science and societal impact of distracted driving.

Other helpful NSC Resources include understanding how new advanced safety vehicle technology can impact your driving, how best to avoid cell phone distracted driving to reduce the potential of a tragic incident, and how prescription medications may cause impairment.

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