NSC Distracted Driving Online Course

  • The National Safety Council Distracted Driving Online Course will change drivers' behavior and attitudes about distracted driving, and help organizations lower liability risks and costs associated with vehicle collisions.

    Available in 90- and 45-minute formats, the NSC Distracted Driving Online Courses contain leading-edge content in an engaging, interactive format. 

    • The 90-minute version delivers a comprehensive approach to changing risky driving habits based on a self-assessment participants complete at the beginning of the course. Scenarios, activities and content is based on the driver's risk level. This course summary provides an overview.
    • The 45-minute course includes the same primary learning points and scientific research about the risks of cell phone use while driving found in the full-length course. This abbreviated version is a great choice for refresher training or post-incident remedial training. For an overview, read the course summary.
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    • Change employees' risky driving behaviors
    • Lower corporate liability risks and costs
    • Reduce insurance premiums, workers' comp claims and repair bills

    Establish Your Own DDC Online Training University

    NSC will design your very own DDC Online Training University with a minimum purchase of 100 DDC Online course registrations. An administrator at your organization can easily track employee registration, course progress, test scores and generate reports to streamline the training process. The subscription term for DDC Online Courses is one year from the date you receive access to your course registration. Learn more about how NSC can design your DDC Online Training Center.

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Employees who use a mobile device while driving are four times more likely to crash. Watch this video to learn more about the devastating consequences of distracted driving.

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