Online Distracted Driving Course

According to NSC Injury Facts, the top three causes of roadway fatalities are alcohol, speeding and distracted driving. Using a cell phone while driving makes a crash four times as likely - while using either handheld or hands-free devices. The cost to employers of distracted driving crashes is high – not just in lives lost, healthcare costs, and vehicle repair costs, but in the millions of dollars paid out in liability cases.

Being an attentive and alert driver can help prevent crashes that lead to unintentional injury and death. NSC Distracted Driving Online Courses motivate drivers to change their risky behaviors and attitudes about distracted driving.

Participants learn about the science and impact of distracted driving, myths about multitasking, financial and legal ramifications, and state and federal laws. Real-life driving scenarios and incident evaluation provide participants the opportunity to think about their current risk level and track how those attitudes change during the course. Features include closed captioning, a convenient bookmark option and a printable certificate of completion.

Distracted Driving Online Course (90-Minute)

Distracted Driving Online Abridged (45-Minute)

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