Defensive Driving Course 10th Edition - Classroom

The National Safety Council is America’s leading safety advocate. Having pioneered the nation’s first Defensive Driving Course over 50 years ago, NSC has trained over 80 million drivers and counting. NSC Defensive Driving Courses are recognized for leading edge curriculum which delivers the most compelling and proven-effective defensive driving and collision prevention strategies.

The Defensive Driving Course is a three-in-one driver safety program providing instructors the flexibility to teach the course in 8, 6 or 4 hours. Driver safety is important for everyone from professional drivers, individuals who do some driving as part of their job or even people who commute between work and home. This course provides all drivers with safe-driving knowledge focusing on behavior, judgment, decision-making and consequences. Learn more about the course.

Fits Your Needs
Courses are available in 4, 6 or 8 hours

Instructor Authorization
Bring training in-house by getting an instructor authorized

NSC launched the first defensive driving courses and has trained over 80 million drivers

Blended Learning
Greater student participation and improved retention

You Decide the Course Format

Consider training schedules, safety goals, incident rates and employee’s driving behaviors and skill level. When various training options arise, you have the flexibility to offer the 8-hour, 6-hour or 4-hour course at a new employee safety orientation, refresher training or post-incident training.

NSC Instructor Authorization

National Safety Council has made it easy to become an authorized Defensive Driving Course instructor. Through our eLearning Instructor Authorization Program, you can schedule training at your convenience.

The course combines best practice instructor facilitation and training methods for teaching defensive driving, instructions on how to teach the course, along with scenario-based training showing actual instructor-student interactions. Learn more about the eLearning Instructor Authorization Program.

Interested in online Defensive Driving Courses? NSC offers several mobile friendly course options that can be completed from anywhere.

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