This course provides the advanced knowledge required to implement a successful safety management system. It covers human and organizational performance, serious injury and fatality prevention, risk assessments, safety observation programs and more. The content is geared toward those who coordinate, supervise, or manage your organization’s safety and health efforts.

What You Will Learn

The Course

2 Days (13 hours)
1.3 NSC CEUs
Virtual, instructor-led training

● Differentiate between audits and inspections
● Pinpoint the elements of a safety management system you currently audit
● Identify activities performed in the safety and health audit process
● Recognize the roles and responsibilities of an audit team leader, an audit team, and an audited group
● Understand the reasons and benefits of managing an organization’s safety and health efforts
● Differentiate between insured and uninsured costs
● Calculate a total case rate
● Conduct a cost-benefit analysis and describe why it is important

Who Should Attend

● Employees new to safety or with new safety responsibilities
● Safety practitioners
● Safety team leaders
● Safety consultants
● Safety Supervisors
● Middle/upper management
● Designers and developers of safety content

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