Are you doing enough to identify and address the most pressing risks affecting your business? Join us for a first-of-its-kind workshop to help you prioritize safety efforts to protect your workers and proactively identify a measure of safety performance beyond incident rates.

Using case studies from multiple industries, this full-day virtual session will dive into real world examples to practice the techniques presented, and provide forms and templates for you to use as you address your organization’s specific needs.

Attendees will come away with the ability to:

  • Develop a risk scoring matrix
  • Prioritize work tasks with unacceptable levels of risk
  • Find new controls to address identified risks
  • Use risk scores to supplement incident rates as indicators of safety performance

This session is for those interested in learning how to introduce or better leverage risk assessment and engage employees in the process of finding and fixing work-related hazards.

Registration for each workshop is limited to the first 20 attendees. This workshop is offered monthly. Click Register Today to learn more.

Module 1
Key terms
Common risk analysis tools and approaches
Module 3
Risk Assessment Process:
Module 2
Program Planning:
Purpose and scope
Employee engagement
Task Identification
Define uses/applications
Methods for updates
Module 4
Leading indicators

Take Advantage of NSC Consulting Services

Need more help implementing a risk assessment process at your worksite? NSC consultants can:

  • Help you customize the materials you received in the workshop for your operations
  • Review your progress after attending the workshop and offer insight and advice
  • Assist you in prioritizing tasks on which to complete a risk assessment
  • Offer options for new controls to put in place for your specific risks

NSC offers a variety of consulting options to meet your needs and budget. Options include:

  • Virtual consultation to discuss your risk assessment(s)
  • A dedicated risk assessment workshop for your organization, either virtual or on-site

Fill out this form to identify your risk assessment consulting needs.

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