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Be a Next-generation Safety Leader

NSC Safety Leadership Program

The National Safety Council Safety Leadership Program is an in-depth curriculum designed to give executives, business leaders and operational management the safety skills they need to be successful. It shows these key players how to lead others to achieve and sustain an injury-free workplace. 

Using the Safety Leadership Model – Planning, People and Performance – this course guides leaders to foster a successful safety and health organization.

Interactive Eight-module Course

Modules 1 through 3 are required. Participants choose three additional modules based on their interests. In all, six modules must be completed for certification.

Module 1: Building Safety as a Value - Required

Module 2: Influencing a Safety Culture - Required

Module 3: Becoming a Safety and Health Leader - Required

Module 4: Applying Safety and Health Performance Measures

Module 5: Communicating for Results

Module 6: Providing Recognition and Rewards

Module 7: Implementing Succession Planning for Business Leaders

Module 8: Understanding Human & Organizational Performance (HOP)

Plan for the Future

Motivate your employees and achieve desired performance results with the Safety Leadership Program.

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