NSC is a Leader in International Safety Training

Safety Leadership and Experience

  • NSC is the oldest safety organization in existence, established in 1913
  • NSC is the only safety organization to offer safety programs in workplace, defensive driving, and first aid/emergency care
  • NSC trains millions of individuals/safety professionals every year
  • NSC has more than 10,000 certified instructors in the U.S. and around the world
  • NSC hosts the world’s largest annual safety conference, NSC Congress & Expo
  • NSC library is a leading resource for safety and health information
  • NSC publishes safety magazines, and textbooks used in universities and by safety professionals
  • NSC provides certificates upon completion of its training programs that are recognized worldwide as representing the highest standards in safety and health
  • NSC sponsors a prestigious global safety award rewarding excellence in safety processes and systems; multinational companies from around the world compete for this annual award

Quality of Course Content and Training

  • NSC develops its own content through safety professionals employed by NSC and external global safety leaders
  • NSC training content focuses on best practices used by multinational companies and developed by NSC safety professionals
  • NSC is globally recognized as the pioneer of the defensive driving concept
  • NSC plays a leading role in establishing the international first aid guidelines published every five years
  • NSC offers an advanced safety certificate geared for safety professionals; pursuing the ASC enables students to pursue Certified Safety Professional status
  • NSC offers Instructor Development Courses to enable NSC-certified training centers to offer our training directly to their corporate clients or to enable corporate clients to conduct their own international training
  • NSC focuses on quantity of content and quality of trainers certified by the NSC
  • NSC perception survey program enables companies to identify strengths and weaknesses  of their safety program and establish priorities on safety improvement; the surveys can be conducted in any language
  • NSC training focuses not only on the advancement of the careers of safety professionals, but also on an organization’s overall safety management and culture
  • NSC provides workplace safety consulting based on a broad spectrum of global and industry standards—including OSHA, OHSAS and ISO
  • NSC training is not only used by safety professionals, but also by executives, operations managers, supervisors, human resource personnel and general staff
  • NSC training is practical and provides real-world solutions for clients, rather than a particular focus on compliance with regulations
  • NSC EHS consultants have more than 20 years of experience, with many years spent in private industry
  • NSC works with safety training centers, national and multinational companies, associations, other nonprofit safety organizations and government agencies

Cost Effectiveness of Training/Consulting

  • NSC is a nonprofit organization; it has no shareholders or investors and therefore its focus is to promote global safety rather than maximize return on investment
  • Membership in the NSC provides access to current safety developments and provides discounts on NSC training materials

Geographical Scope

  • NSC conducts training worldwide: Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean and the US and about 100 additional countries
  • NSC has full-time safety professional trainers/consultants in the US and Master Trainers in Latin America who can deliver training in Spanish

International Recognition

  • NSC is recognized by numerous international organizations including the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, the International Social Security Association and the International Commission on Occupational Health

International Environmental Health and Safety

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