Robert W. Campbell Award

The Robert W. Campbell Award

  • Robert W. Campbell

    Originating in 2004 and named after the first president of the National Safety Council, the Robert W. Campbell Award® seeks organizations from all industries and sizes that truly lead with EHS.

    Campbell Award-winners are an honored group who know that EHS is at the core of business success and is fundamental to operational and financial performance.

    New Criteria for 2018

    We are excited to launch separate criteria for small and large applicants. The foundational elements of successful EHS management are consistent across organizations, but we recognize the differences organizations experience due to size. With this in mind, we created new criteria:

    • Category I – organizations with more than 1,000 workers
    • Category II – organizations with 1,000 or fewer workers

    Download the information packet for your organization and learn how to apply.

    The Campbell Award offers value to your organization just by applying:

    • Self-evaluation of your organization's EHS management system
    • Opportunity to have your practices reviewed by internationally known experts
    • Written feedback on each section of the criteria; nearly 128 hours of review per application
    • In-person assessments of at least two organization sites (finalists only)
    • Opportunity to join the Campbell Institute, a group of world-class EHS organizations
  • Are you Campbell ready?

    ​Take a short, 10-question self-assessment to rate how your organization compares to the best environmental, health and safety companies in the world. 

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