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Alcohol, Drugs & Impairment Division

The Alcohol, Drugs and Impairment Division (ADID) was formed by the National Safety Council in 2013 and superseded their Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAOD) formed in 1959, which superseded their Committee on Tests for Intoxication formed in 1936.

The current ADID membership of about 100 volunteers have shared safety interests to eliminate preventable deaths and injuries and is comprised of forensic toxicologists, pharmacologists, chemists, psychologists, sociologists, attorneys, law enforcement officials, educators, test instrument manufacturers and others (e.g., judge, forensic research librarian). Regular members have significant involvement/achievement in their profession at the national level.     

The ADID is governed by an executive board comprised of elected ADID officers (see below), 15 elected regular members, five at-large-members appointed by the Division chair and an NSC staff member.

ADID Sections

  • Alcohol (Randall Beaty)
  • Cannabis (Dr. Erin Karschner)
  • Drugs (Dr. Barry Logan)
  • Education and Training (Chip Walls)
  • Legal Factors (Boris Moczula)
  • Social and Behavioral Factors (Dr. Michael Wagner)               

ADID Standing Committees

  • Administrative (Ayako Chan-Hosokawa)
  • Award (Patrick Harding)
  • Executive (Dr. Robert Johnson)
  • Membership (Dr. Karen Scott)
  • Nominating (Dr. Sabra Jones)

ADID Ad Hoc Committees

  • Social Media (Joseph Jones)

ADID & NSC Documents

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