Congratulations to the 2023 Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship Winner

The National Safety Council is proud to recognize Lilly-Anna van Gaal as our 2023 Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship recipient.

The Lorraine Pack Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a young woman pursuing a career in environmental health and safety or related field. Winners receive a $2,000 tuition award and the opportunity to attend at no cost either NSC Congress & Expo, the world’s largest annual gathering of safety professionals, or the Future of EHS Conference, hosted by the Campbell Institute, where thought leaders from around the globe gather for an open exchange of forward-looking ideas and best practices.

Laura Fiffick of Wilbur-Ellis and Brittany Westphal founded the scholarship in memory of their colleague, Lorraine Pack, who inspired those around her to care for each other’s safety and protect the environment. Pack regularly participated in Campbell Institute events and embraced the Institute’s focus on solving global EHS challenges through innovation and research. She also mentored women of all ages on what it takes to be an EHS professional, including the importance of connecting with operational leaders and inspiring employees to improve stewardship and lead with EHS.

Lilly Anna van Gaal

Lilly-Anna van Gaal: Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant
Major: Occupational Health and Safety

Lilly-Anna is a senior and expects to graduate December 2023.

Lilly-Anna’s parents immigrated to the United States more than 20 years ago and have been in hard labor jobs their entire lives. She has seen firsthand how a lack of workplace safety can affect people physically and mentally. She is determined to make labor industries safer and ensure that workers receive the treatment they deserve.

In her application, Lilly-Anna shared what safety issue she believes is important: “I am from the Southern states, and I’ve noticed that heat illness is a big problem. During the summer, the temperature can get up to 110 degrees, and the air is also severely humid, making the heat more unbearable. Training employees about protecting themselves from heat illness and how to recognize someone else in heat distress is very important.”

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