Address Workplace Impairment with Technology

Workplace impairment is a growing concern for U.S. employers, but impairment detection technologies (IDT) are a promising safety intervention to address it. IDTs have the potential to identify impairment from multiple causes, including substances, fatigue and other factors, and aid in fitness-for-work assessments. 

According to an NSC survey, the majority of responding employers are interested in implementing IDTs, yet only 16% are using them and many have concerns about implementing them. To help employers make informed decisions about these technologies, NSC has researched available IDTs and their applicability to workplace safety. These findings are available in a new, free report from NSC: Impairment Detection Technology & Workplace Safety. To learn more, you can also check out a new interactive tool that breaks down various IDT and their primary features.  

Impairment technology vendors: if you’d like to provide information on your technology to NSC, please reach out to [email protected].

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