Becky and Mike’s two teenage sons, Nick and Jack, accidentally overdosed on a deadly cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs on the same night in June 2015.

Becky Savage turned her devastation into a powerful message: educating students, parents, lawmakers and anyone else who will listen about the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. The Savages created 525 Foundation (the boys hockey numbers were 5 and 25) with the goal of preventing another family from experiencing their daily, everlasting pain.

To date, Becky and Mike have bravely shared their story with thousands of high school students and have presented at numerous conferences throughout the country. The 525 foundation has testified in front of the U.S Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and participated in countless interviews for podcasts and news media such as Dr. Drew and Megyn Kelly – reaching an international audience.

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