Matt Adams

The Matt Adams Foundation for Opioid Recovery was established after the unforeseen overdose death of Brittany Adams Kelly’s brother Matt in 2017. In the wake of a grave epidemic hitting the country, the foundation hit the ground running, focusing on harm reduction and recovery. The foundation meets people where they’re at, stressing love and acceptance to users and their families.

They distribute Naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug, and fentanyl testing strips for active drug users. Since February 2019, they have distributed more than 1,200 naloxone kits throughout northwest Arkansas. In addition, they have distributed Narcan, the nasal form of naloxone, to rural first responders and police departments that can’t afford it otherwise.

Their goal was to save one person, or one family. Now, they are saving many. In September 2019, the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce honored the foundation with the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business 2019 Non-Profit of the Year Award.

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