Greg Lynam had a happy childhood growing up in Altoona, Penn. He was quiet, loving and kind. His sister, Kim, was his best buddy, and he spent a great deal of time with her, his parents and a very large extended family. Greg played sports and did karate as a young boy and participated in the Boy Scouts all the way through high school. He enjoyed annual beach vacations, and was a movie and music aficionado.

During high school, Greg experimented with alcohol and marijuana. After high school, he pursued work in local restaurants where he loved to cook. A series of personal events unfolded which may have triggered Greg’s use of prescription pills. He sought treatment and maintained recovery for almost four years. He eventually relapsed and died as the result of a heroin overdose on March 28, 2017. Greg’s family, of course, was devastated.

Greg leaves behind an 8-year-old son who is deeply loved and remains very close to his grandparents, Mark and Michelle Lynam, and many aunts and uncles. Michelle has become an advocate against opioid misuse, working locally to support other families in crisis. Her Lost Angel Blessing Bags provide key necessities such as toiletries, snacks, gloves, and more for people in recovery.

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