Member Benchmarking Safety Operation Study

Are you a member who wants to know how your safety program compares to other companies? The results are in! Simply log in to download the white paper now to find out the most pressing safety issues NSC members face, major challenges in improving safety, level of engagement of company executives, safety budget ranges, salaries and more.

The National Safety Council Member Safety Operations Benchmarking Study has been a member benefit since it was developed and launched in 2016. The survey was designed to provide NSC members with a tool to evaluate their current safety operations and benchmark their activities and performance against other NSC member companies.

A unique benefit of this survey is that it is never closed and can be taken at any time during the calendar year, giving members access to the most current benchmarking data. Although data collection is ongoing, for the purposes of the white paper, the results collected are from the responses provided during the first four months of 2019, with a “close” date of April 30, 2019.

If you haven’t taken the survey it’s not too late. Enter your data now and gain access to customizable reports to see how your safety program compares to similar organizations. The 2018 Safety Benchmarking Survey includes new features and questions based on the Campbell Institute Award criteria. The resulting data will help you create a strategic performance improvement plan to reduce incidents, improve compliance and increase productivity.

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