NSC Can Assess Your Safety System

  • Drawing on our more than 100 years of experience, our consultants work with you to find solutions tailored to your organization's needs from an unbiased, third-party perspective.

    The National Safety Council helps you create a culture of safety by using proven techniques and practices. Our consultants focus on closing gaps in your current safety programs and applying innovative tools to evaluate your organization's process.

    Call (630) 254-3798 or email Amy Harper at [email protected] to get started.

  • NSC Can Assess Your Safety System

    Our consultants analyze your current safety progress using:
    • Safety management systems assessment
    • Regulatory compliance audit
    • Voluntary protection programs assessment
    • Survey of employee perceptions

    We then develop customized safety solutions that put your organization on the Journey to Safety Excellence.

    Learn more about on-site assessments.
  • The NSC Safety Management System

    Establish safety as a core value with the NSC Safety Management System. We focus on continuous improvement and safety buy-in from the administrative, operational and cultural elements of your organization.

    Feedback is valued. Send comments or questions to Amy Harper at [email protected]​​ or call (630) 254-3798.

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