Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Collision Preventability Portal

What is the process to submit a Collision Preventability request?

The NSC Collision Preventability Review portal is used by both the requestor and the NSC expert incident investigator.

1) Customer completes the online Collision Preventability Request form
2) Customer uploads all relevant incident documentation
3) NSC contacts customer with payment information
4) Customer contacts NSC with payment - either by credit card or purchase order
5) After a case review by an NSC collision preventability expert, a final report is sent to the customer through the portal, typically within 10-15 business days of NSC receiving all needed, relevant documentation and payment

How can I pay for the Collision Preventability Review?

After completing the review request, NSC will contact you with ways to pay. This would include calling NSC customer service to pay via credit card or by emailing NSC a purchase order.

Who do I submit the supporting collision documentation to?

The NSC Collision Preventability portal easily allows you to upload incident documentation.

Does NSC want incident videos submitted?

Yes, however please only submit very specific portions of the video that would be relevant to the investigator. Submitting 30 minutes of video when only 17 seconds are relevant causes significant delays in completing an incident review.

Do I need to include file names and/or descriptions?

It is critical to describe in detail, in either the file name or description, what you are uploading. This will help our reviewers tremendously in the review process.

Can I mail in paperwork and disks that contain our incident documentation?

No, all submittals must be via the NSC Collision Preventability portal.

What types of documentation do I need to include?

Submit all documents related to the incident. Keep in mind that the decision of preventability is based solely on the information provided. Common files include photos, video, witness statements, driver statements, internal incident investigation documentation and reports, related company policy, related driver training records and police report, if available.

What is the largest size file I can upload?

We require a single file not to exceed 4GB, and we would prefer file sizes under 1GB.

How long does it take to get a final report?

From the time we have all needed documentation, you can expect to receive your report in 10-14 business days.

Who at NSC reviews Collision Preventability incidents?

NSC hosts a 30-member driver safety International Advisory Committee, which includes about 10 collision preventability experts. They have decades of incident/crash/collision investigation experience and come from law enforcement and/or incident investigation backgrounds.

Will I get updates about my review?

Yes, as new updates regarding your review are made available, you will be notified via email. You can then log in to the portal to see the status of your review.

Can I go back in and upload additional information for my review that I forgot to upload when starting the process?

Yes, you are able to log back in to the portal and submit additional documentation.

Can I communicate with the reviewer assigned to my review?

Yes, when you are logged in to the portal, there will be a comment section that you can use to communicate with the reviewer. NSC reviewers always have full anonymity.

How much experience does NSC have in Collision Preventability Reviews?

NSC started the Collision Preventability Review service over 50 years ago and has helped many companies prevent future incidents. The online portal is new to NSC in 2021 to help improve the turnaround time for reviews and provide a more streamlined service for customers.

If I have any questions, how do I contact NSC?

Send an email to [email protected].

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