Collision Preventability Review

Let NSC Decide if the Crash was Preventable

If someone in your organization has been involved in a work-related motor vehicle crash, an independent expert review of the crash could help prevent future incidents. The NSC Collision Preventability Review provides a detailed final determination on the preventability of a collision for work-related fleet motor vehicle incidents. This NSC program has been helping organizations prevent collisions for nearly 50 years.

In our Collision Preventability Review, an independent NSC expert will review your collision documentation and provide a final report that includes a breakdown of what led to our determination and safety tips to prevent future incidents. NSC also offers our Guide to Determine Motor Vehicle Collision Preventability to customers who utilize this service.

Benefits of an NSC Collision Preventability Review:

  • Final report from an independent NSC incident investigator expert submitted to customer in 10-14 business days
  • Status tracking via the NSC Collision Review portal
  • Avoidance of arbitration and legal fees
  • Safety training tips to help prevent future incidents
  • Anonymity for your organization and driver

The NSC Collision Preventability Review is open to all organizations operating commercial motor vehicles in the United States and Canada.

Get Started

To start a Collision Preventability Review, log in to NSC and submit your case here. You will receive a confirmation email detailing next steps. You can return to this portal to review the status of open reviews, as well as retrieve previous reviews.

Find answers about this service on our Frequently Asked Questions page, or click here to have NSC contact you and discuss this service.

The NSC Collision Preventability Review program is excellent. We use this service as a Tier 2 final appeal option for our employees to dispute a preventable judgment of their incident. The NSC team is knowledgeable and thorough in their review of appeals.

Darlene F.

Risk Management Analyst
Large Public Transit Organization

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