Lesson 10: Blind Spots

There are lots of driving lessons for your teen to tackle, but one of the hardest to grasp is the blind spot. Here are some tips for introducing your teen to this concept as simply as possible.

Understand Blind Spots

Start with the basics and keep it simple. Blind spots are any areas around a vehicle that a driver cannot easily see. Typically, these are the edges just behind and to the side of the vehicle, but they can show up anywhere a driver’s vision is blocked. So how do you explain to your teen that a person or vehicle just a few feet away could be, essentially, invisible? 

Identify Blind Spots

The best way to explain blind spots to your teen is to practice identifying them. Start in your driveway with the vehicle off and the windows down. Get into the driver’s seat, and have your teen stand toward the back of the vehicle. Have your teen slowly move behind the vehicle, then you can point out when he or she enters your blind spot. Next, switch places – keeping the engine off for safety – and let your teen see how you can disappear from view in the vehicle’s mirrors. 

Practice: Blind spots never really go away so your teen needs to understand how to overcome them. Talk this through often and practice what you preach. Check your mirrors and look over your shoulder before merging, turning, or changing lanes so your teen forms this habit by the time he or she actually gets behind the wheel.

For extra help, check out this video lesson on navigating blind spots.


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