Lesson 5: How Much Driving Practice is Enough?

Every parent of a soon-to-be teen driver has wondered: how much practice will my new driver need? Teen licensure laws vary by state, so it may not seem like there is a standard answer, but we have a good recommendation.

No Magic Number

Every driver’s skills will develop at a different rate, so there is no magic number of practice hours to keep in mind. However, you should plan to go above and beyond whatever your state requires for new drivers. This means staying involved even after your teen gets a license to help him or her continue to gain the experience, knowledge and confidence needed to stay safe behind the wheel.

Monitor Your Teen's Progress

Inexperience is the biggest danger for new drivers so additional practice hours will only help. And since you should know your teen better than anyone, it will be up to you to judge when your teen driver has mastered one skill but needs work on another. Fortunately, the more you practice, the easier it’ll be to notice these changes. Our New Driver Deal can help you and your teen agree on the household rules and expectations, but the key is for you to get and stay involved to help your teen become the driver we’d all want to share a road with. 

Talk: Once your teen receives a permit, you’ll want to spend at least 30 minutes of practice time with him or her each week. Make this a mutual commitment. Talk this plan through with your teen now and be sure to hang your New Driver Deal somewhere visible in the home. This way, both you and your teen can keep this commitment in mind.


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