Lesson 12: Sharing the Road with Large Trucks and Motorcycles

Your teen will have to contend with a variety of vehicles on the road. To help prepare for these situations, here are some tips for driving around two vehicle extremes: large trucks and motorcycles.  

Be Cautious around Large Trucks

Large trucks have much bigger blind spots than other vehicles, so new drivers need to be especially careful around them. When following a large truck, your teen should stay back far enough to see its side mirrors. When passing a large truck, your teen should spend as little time beside it as possible. These vehicles can be intimidating, so be sure your teen understands these rules before driving near them.

Look for Motorcycles

Small vehicles like motorcycles are easy to miss, but they have the same right to space on the road as your teen. In fact, because motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than most drivers, your teen should treat them like large vehicles: leave plenty of space around them and look carefully when merging or turning near them. 

Talk: The traffic around your teen will always be different but your teen’s driving habits should always be the same: always give space and respect to other drivers. Practice these rules yourself, and teach your teen that one mistake around a large truck or motorcycle can have serious consequences.  


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