Lesson 2: Sign the New Driver Deal

Before handing over the keys to your teen driver, there are some important issues to review. Driving is a big responsibility and can be incredibly dangerous, but filling out our New Driver Deal with your teen can help you get on the same page. 

Issues to Review

The New Driver Deal covers basic issues your teen needs to understand, like avoiding passengers and always wearing a seat belt. It also includes more customizable rules, like curfew hours and how far away from home your teen can drive after getting a license. Most important, the New Driver Deal includes parental commitments to ensure you stay involved as your teen learns to drive. Parents are the number 1 influence on new drivers, so it’s crucial for you to make the same commitment to safety as your teen. 

Revise the Deal

Remember, driving is a privilege and your teen’s skills will change, which is why you should revisit your New Driver Deal on a regular basis. If your teen is making big improvements behind the wheel, you may want to grant him or her more privileges. Or, if your teen hasn’t been sticking to the agreements, you may need to tighten the rules. Your teen should also feel empowered to hold you accountable to the parental commitments. 

Practice: The New Driver Deal includes a section for additional family rules, which can be filled in to fit your needs. Talk to your teen about issues like who will pay for gas and insurance, or what the consequences will be for breaking the agreed-upon rules, and make sure everyone understands them before signing. The more committed you both are to your teen’s safety, the more successful these lessons will be.


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