Employees are often on the "front line" of an emergency situation.

Their ability to respond quickly to injuries can save lives. This course teaches employees how to recognize everyday medical emergencies and care
for an injury or illness until professional help arrives.

Course Benefits

NSC first aid guidelines are:

● Updated with the 2020 CPR, ECC and First Aid guidelines
● Only nationally recognized program to exceed OSHA first aid best practices
● Less expensive than other providers; digital options even more affordable
● Highly interactive classroom, with exclusive online refresher videos
● Blended option eLearning and classroom – saves you time and money
● Specially designed for the workplace

Participants will learn how to:

● Control bleeding
● Care for injuries, wounds and burns
● Treat life-threatening poisoning or choking situations
● Address sudden illnesses

Who would benefit: 

● Educators / teachers / coaches
● Emergency response (EMS) / Law enforcement and fire personnel
● Airline staff
● Lifeguards / athletic or personal trainers
● Retail / restaurant / hospitality staff 
● Employees requiring refresher training 
● Individuals requiring certification

Contact us for more information regarding first aid training programs, or call (800) 621-7619.

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Having someone at your worksite that can deliver first aid quickly and effectively can be, quite literally, a life-saver. The National Safety Council is the expert in workplace first aid and CPR training.


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Questions? Contact us for more information regarding first aid training programs. Call (800) 621-7619 or fill out this form.

Let NSC Bring the Training to You

NSC offers a variety of first aid training classes that can be delivered onsite, at your company, by authorized NSC instructors.

We will work with you to accommodate your organization's needs to keep your employees empowered to help save lives. 

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