Defensive Driving Instructor Development

Courses You Can Teach

NSC Defensive Driving Course
Available in a flexible 4-hour, 6-hour or 8-hour format, this course gives drivers the most comprehensive, practical knowledge and techniques for recognizing potential driving hazards. It details why safe and responsible driving behaviors make personal and financial sense.

Professional Truck Driver
Teach professional truck drivers using proven collision-prevention techniques, hazard recognition reenactments and crash-avoidance procedures. This course is designed in a convenient 3- or 4-hour course format, and provides the knowledge and defensive driving strategies required to drive incident and citation-free.

Alive at 25
Use this 4-hour highly-interactive course to teach young adults and newly licensed drivers. It covers the risks associated with inexperience, peer pressure and cell phones, and is an excellent complement to standard driver education programs.

Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
Help change bad driving habits with 4-hour, 6-hour or 8-hour behavior-based advanced courses designed for drivers with poor driving habits and risky driving behaviors, people who have received multiple traffic violations or drivers with a suspended license.

Chronic Offender
Educate and reduce prolonged recidivism among chronic traffic violators with this 8-hour course. It’s recommended for drivers with multiple traffic violations or poor driving behavior, or traffic offenders who need a catalyst for positive change.

State Courts Against Road Rage 
Reduce recidivism among drivers charged with excessive speed, reckless aggressive driving, drag racing, imminent risk or other serious motor vehicle violations. Teach drivers the importance of safe and responsible driving with this 4-hour course.

Training to Get You Prepared

Module 1: NSC Foundations
This module introduces you to NSC. It helps you get familiar with NSC instructional standards, and details what is expected from NSC instructors.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Overview
Lesson 2: Foundational Knowledge about the National Safety Council
Lesson 3: NSC Instructional Standards
Lesson 4: Instructor Requirements and Expectations 

Module 2: NSC Classroom Facilitation & Management
Three lessons that detail the instructor’s role and responsibilities. It offers tips for effective facilitation and techniques of proper classroom management.

Lesson 1: The Successful Instructor
Lesson 2: Facilitation Skills
Lesson 3: Managing Participants

Module 3: DDC Content-Specific Instructional Guidelines
Learn about NSC defensive driving principles, standards and regulations, and terminology required to facilitate NSC defensive driving courses.

Lesson 1: Introduction to DDC
Lesson 2: How to Become a DDC Instructor  
Lesson 3: Instructor Responsibilities  
Lesson 4: Characteristics of DDC Learners  
Lesson 5: Classroom Guidelines
Lesson 6: Driver Experience & Background
Lesson 7: NSC Positions and Common Defensive Driving Terminology
Lesson 8: Choice Theory

Module 4: NSC Defensive Driving Course-Specific Instructor Training
The fourth module teaches the course curriculum for the specific course you plan to instruct.

Lesson 1: About the course, including course materials and course structure
Remaining Lessons: Key facilitation points and techniques for teaching course sessions and topics

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