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The EU Forum offers senior-level executives responsible for HSE programs at companies operating in the European Union the opportunity to network and communicate with their peers on critical issues. Members represent companies from a wide range of industries. Through sharing information and practical expertise, the EU Forum promotes effective HSE programs and practices in member companies’ European operations.

The Forum has forged strong working relationships with many of the European agencies listed below. Twice yearly meetings held in Europe feature presentations by key EU officials and experts, facilitated discussions of current and emerging topics, and roundtable discussions on issues of concern to members. Discussions are candid and all members agree to honor a code of confidentiality.

The Forum offers boundless opportunities for networking with peers who face similar challenges, and encourages the sharing of best practices and exchange of critical information. Members also benefit from free access to the Country Profiles Library, a proprietary resource that identifies HSE legislation, regulations and enforcement policies in 60+ countries to assist multinationals in auditing their compliance with local requirements.

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European Union HSE Forum Membership Benefits

Are you ready to take a more active leadership role in shaping safety and health policy and practice? If you want to be on the cutting edge of innovative strategies for improving performance, consider joining our European Union HSE Forum. The many benefits of membership include:

Semi-annual meetings that include updates on European policy and legislative updates by EU officials and other experts, as well as roundtable discussions

Access to the members-only website, providing materials from network meetings, HSE news articles, email alerts, task force activities, survey reports and benchmarking data, webinars and consulting

Free access to the Country Profiles Library of 60+ Countries and Provinces

Informal benchmarking and open sharing of best practices in a confidential, small-group setting

The EU Forum provides a centre of excellence whereby SHE (HS&E) leaders are kept abreast of up-and-coming legislative changes, as well as areas of particular interest regulators will be focusing on. Often guest speakers are regulators from the agencies implementing that change. Another highlight of the forum is the diversity of the member businesses and the openness of the discussions within the group. The forum is very cognizant that there are elements of confidentiality around specific discussion points and that confidentiality is respected by all.

GEORGE GIBSON, Head of SHE, Weapon Systems UK, BAE Systems

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