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High-performing global companies must know and understand their obligations under the laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate. However, finding accurate, up-to-date, accessible, and accurately translated information can be extremely difficult, time consuming, and expensive. To help companies address the need to understand the occupational health, safety and environmental (HSE) laws and regulations of countries outside the United States, NSC has developed its Country Profiles Library service.

Country Profiles answer multinational companies’ needs for a means to identify HSE legislation and resulting regulatory policies in individual countries and in the provinces of larger countries such as China, Australia and Canada. Each NSC Country Profile contains a detailed self-assessment checklist that can be used to assist in auditing implementation of regulatory requirements. Country Profiles currently cover more than 60 countries and provinces with new provinces and countries added regularly. The Country Profiles can be purchased by annual subscription or as an entire library.

Complete this form to download our full Country Profile on Brazil. We’re confident you’ll realize what an invaluable asset these industry-leading country profiles can be.


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