Workers' Memorial Day is April 28

Remember Those We've Lost, Pledge to Work Safely

Preventable workplace deaths totaled 4,113 in 2020. Fatalities should never be the cost of doing business. In recognition of Workers' Memorial Day April 28, please join NSC in remembering those who have died in preventable workplace incidents.

The Council urges Americans to take the Safe at Work Pledge to prioritize safety at work, and dedicate that pledge to those who have been killed in preventable workplace incidents. 

NSC encourages companies to prioritize efforts in addressing the leading causes of workplace fatalities through evidence-based and effective risk management strategies, including consulting the following NSC resources:  

SAFER initiative materials, NSC membership and network offerings, workplace training, consulting services and employee perception surveys
● Free NSC toolkits, including the Opioids at Work Employer Toolkit, Fatigue at Work Employer Toolkit and Safe Driving Toolkit
● Campbell Institute research on topics like serious injury and fatality prevention

The Council’s Work to Zero program is focused on helping employers eliminate workplace fatality risks through the promise of technology. It aims to assist employers on every step of their Safety Innovation Journey. Access our growing suite of free tools and resources to assist you on each stage of the journey.

Better Understand Your Fatality Risks: Use our Safety Technology Locator Tool to identify the top hazardous situations and relevant technology solutions for your organization.

Explore Possible Technology Solutions: Browse our various webinar series on topics like drones, proximity sensors, fatigue detection technologies and immersive technologies.

Determine Organizational Readiness: Take our Organizational Readiness Assessment for Safety Technology in the Workplace to determine your organization’s digital readiness level, and read the Determining Readiness for Safety Innovation and Industry 4.0 report to gain additional insight. Download these resources.

Make the Business Case for Innovation: Check out our Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation report, along with the NSC Work to Zero investment calculator, which allows companies to explore the value of eight key safety technologies in saving lives and saving money.

Pilot and Implement Safety Technology: Read Safety Technology Pilot and Implementation Roadmap: Making Innovation Accessible, which discusses challenges to innovation and provides a four-stage roadmap with continuous improvement actions to assist employers on their innovation journey. Also, consider signing up to participate in upcoming safety innovation challenges.

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