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A Partnership to End Addiction Stigma in the Workplace

Addiction is a hidden workplace epidemic, with three of four employers being affected by employee opioid use alone. This epidemic costs employers billions of dollars in increased absenteeism and health care costs, as well as costs associated with productivity and workplace safety. COVID-19 has worsened this epidemic, emphasizing the already urgent need to end addiction stigma.  

Stigma toward substance use is a leading barrier to people seeking help and to workplaces supporting employees with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) through treatment and recovery. That’s why the National Safety Council partnered with national nonprofit Shatterproof to give employers, HR professionals and supervisors the resources they need to address stigma in the workplace and ensure employees know they are supported.

Employers have a pivotal role to play in this epidemic, as over 70% of people with a substance use disorder are employed. Each employee who recovers from an SUD saves a company over $8,500 on average, and employer-initiated treatment is more successful than treatment initiated by friends or family members.

Your workers need your support. Visit shatterproof.org/EndStigma to learn how you can address this important issue, and sign up here for future communications about ending addiction stigma.

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