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Grant Opportunities Spark Innovation in Injury Reduction

Research to Solutions Grant (R2S)

The goal of the R2S grant is to develop, evaluate and/or disseminate effective solutions for musculoskeletal disorders, focusing on occupational injury risk reduction. 

The MSD Solutions Lab has awarded nearly $225,000 for its inaugural R2S Grant Program in 2023.

R2S grants are intended to inspire collaboration among academic institutions, businesses and industries to uncover promising, transferable solutions that mitigate injury risk across a range of industry sectors.

MSD Solutions Pilot Grant 1.0

The Pilot Grant matches organizations with innovative technology providers to pilot emerging technologies in real-life applications. The grant awarded $60,000 in total funding in 2023.

Overexertion due to handling objects remains the top cause of disability from workplace injuries. The MSD Solutions Lab specifically invited organizations interested in eliminating or reducing manual materials handling exposure to apply for this grant. Organizations had the opportunity to partner with any of the following solutions providers featured at last year's Safety Innovation Challenge:

● Effidence: Collaborative handling robot that behaves like a true logistics assistant and follows a picking operator, thus eliminating pushing or pulling
● Extend Robotic: Human-robot interface software for a non-robotic expert to tele-operate and program robotic manipulators remotely for physical tasks
● Herowear: A back-assist lightweight exosuit designed to reduce muscle fatigue; accommodates all shapes and sizes and fits like comfortable clothing
● Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR): For transporting pallets and heavy goods (warehouse logistics automation); can also be hooked for carts
● TuMeke Ergonomics: Computer vision joint tracking system for ergonomic assessments
WearKinetic: Wearable sensor that automatically recognizes awkward postures commonly performed on the job (bending, overreaching, twisting)

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