Congratulations to the MSD Solutions Pilot Grant 1.0 Winners

The MSD Solutions Pilot Grant 1.0, designed to help organizations prevent MSDs specifically caused by manual materials handling, provides MSD Pledge members with the opportunity to team with leading technology providers to trial emerging solutions in real-life applications. Pledge members selected for the inaugural MSD Solutions Pilot Grant 1.0 are:

Amerisure Insurance, awarded $10,000, will work with both computer-vision provider TuMeke Ergonomics and HeroWear, which specializes in passive back-assist exosuits, to prevent MSDs enterprise-wide.

Burlington Hydro, awarded $10,000, will use TuMeke Ergonomics’ computer vision technology to assist with conducting ergonomic assessments of the company’s powerline technicians. 

General Electric Aerospace Erlanger Kentucky, awarded $10,000, will partner with HeroWear to better understand the operational benefits and worker impact of using exosuits to unload cargo trailers.  

Guarantee Electrical Company, awarded $10,000, will work with TuMeke Ergonomics to detect unsafe postures and glean data-driven insights to optimize their workplace safety programs. 

Lafarge North America, awarded $10,000, will team with TuMeke Ergonomics to use computer vision technology to scan construction workers’ movements during manual material handling activities to better identify MSD risks and assess targeted solutions. 

Grant Deliverables and Outcomes

The MSD Solutions Lab will collaborate with grantees and solution providers to translate and disseminate the solutions across organizations for broader visibility in the form of case studies.

The MSD Solutions Lab will engage during the project's lifecycle to: 

● Document progress reports and discuss changes in project scope (if any) 
● List challenges/barriers to using the technology (including any adverse events)
● Discuss ways to scale the solution provider intervention(s) and implementation of recommendations
● Develop case studies (e.g., lessons learned, development of risk reduction metrics, return on investment insights). 

The grantee and solution provider must report on project progress to the MSD Solutions Lab team through the delivery of one interim report halfway through the project. 

The grantee and solution provider must also submit a comprehensive report after the grant cycle (i.e., within 30 days of completion) and write a case study highlighting the solution provider technology for further dissemination to a broader audience. Details will be discussed with grantees during the project lifecycle.

The expected outcome is that each grant awardee will present their results at the 2024 NSC Safety Congress & Expo or a similar venue. Awardees may alternately or in addition be asked to present results at a future virtual or hybrid event. 

At the NSC events, both grantees and solution providers will have the opportunity to showcase their findings, network with other potential organizations that are interested in utilizing the technology, and have the potential to scale upward and educate the wider audience.

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