NSC Announces Winners for 2022 Green Cross for Safety Awards

This year’s Green Cross Celebration raised more than $625,000 for mission-critical initiatives to prevent injuries and save lives.

September 21, 2022

SAN DIEGO – The National Safety Council honored three organizations working toward and succeeding in preventing injuries and saving lives with its renowned Green Cross for Safety® awards. Presented during the 23rd annual Green Cross Celebration, this accolade recognizes the best and brightest in three categories: safety advocacy, safety excellence and safety innovation. 

Nine finalists for the three award categories were selected, reviewed and evaluated. Finalists for the Safety Advocate Award were Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) War Room, Nutrien and Paul Cheak. Finalists for the Safety Excellence Award were Legends Hospitality, Parking Concepts, Inc. and U. S. Steel. Finalists for the Safety Innovation Award were Aware360, Fatigue Science and Quanta Services.

The 2022 winners are:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) War Room
Safety Advocate Award, sponsored by First Transit | First Student
Having worked for decades to end drunk driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® has helped reduce drunk driving deaths by 52% through education and enforcement campaigns as well as with state and federal legislative reforms. MADD found that progress toward its goal of zero deaths and injuries had plateaued. With federal legislation needed to mandate installation of vehicle technology that would prevent more than 9,400 traffic deaths annually, the organization established a “War Room" of staff, former MADD presidents, and more 100 volunteer family members of drunk driving victims and injured survivors to take action. The group met weekly to advocate for the passage of legislation requiring automakers to install drunk driving prevention systems in all new cars. MADD’s “War Room” coalition was instrumental in securing that legislative victory.

U. S. Steel
Safety Excellence Award, sponsored by UPS
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, U. S. Steel utilizes its Minnesota Ore Operations, consisting of two open pit taconite mines located in the state to supply the organization with iron ore pellets used in the steel-making process. Tires for 240-ton haul trucks and front-end loaders used to transport crude ore and waste out of mines are 12’ tall and weigh nearly 9,000 pounds. In the past, they experienced significant injuries associated with these large tires. From a safety standpoint, U. S. Steel did not have a consistent method to track real-time data associated with the health of the tires currently in service until it installed a monitoring tool and could reduce the number of tires taken out of service. This technology allows employees to check tire pressure and temperature from a remote location, and the tires are remotely monitored during inflation using a handheld device, ensuring a safer working environment for operators and maintenance staff. U. S. Steel plans to make this technology available to others. This application can easily be replicated at any company, whether a large, multinational corporation in industries such as mining and metals, building materials, and automotive, or a small family-owned business.

Fatigue Science
Safety Innovation Award, sponsored by Amazon
By looking at the pervasive issue of fatigue the workplace, Fatigue Science found workers in safety-sensitive industries, such as mining and trucking, are at a very high risk of injury or death on the job. The organization’s solution is grounded in biomathematical science and complements existing reactive technologies used in workplaces today. Predictive fatigue management, via its Readi technology, enables proactive decision-making throughout mining, transportation and all safety-sensitive shift work. By predicting fatigue, modern science and technology can be used to save lives and prevent fatigue-related incidents.

In addition to recognizing this year’s award recipients, the Green Cross Celebration helped raise more than $625,000 for mission critical initiatives, including safety research, education and advocacy. The benefit featured a special guest appearance by Tom Cruise portrayal actor Jerome LeBlanc, a live auction with incredible packages and an inspiring story from a survivor advocate.

“I want to sincerely thank and congratulate this year’s Green Cross for Safety® award finalists and winners,” said Lorraine Martin, president and CEO of the National Safety Council. “Their outstanding work is critical to keeping millions of people safe so all individuals across the world can live their fullest lives. NSC is proud to recognize these organizations for honoring and living our mission to save lives and prevent injuries, from the workplace to anyplace.”

Visit greencross.nsc.org for additional information about each winner and finalist. 

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