Congratulations to the 2022 Innovation Award Winner

We are honored to announce Lockheed Martin as the recipient of our 2022 Innovation Award for Future of Laser Safety - Class 5.

Lockheed Martin received this award for its creation of "beyond-ANSI" standards to control the new risks posed by 21st century high-powered lasers researched, manufactured and used for military applications. These hazards are novel from other lasers in that they are immediately dangerous to life and health for any person exposed to the beam and will defeat any personal protective equipment currently in use within the laser safety community. Laser safety industry standards and regulations have simply not kept pace with the sharp increase in laser output as well as the necessary support infrastructure related to electrical and thermal management. 

Lockheed Martin reacted to this need by developing operating standards beyond those currently established to ensure the safety of employees, customers and communities.

Runner Up

Tesla's Take Charge program is designed to empower workers to assist in building a positive culture by promoting submissions of improvement ideas, increasing engagement and encouraging a proactive reporting and risk reduction culture. The Take Charge idea submission process has  the ability to create “actions,” or tasks, that address the problem arisen. These actions can be assigned to employees in other teams, enabling seamless cross-ownership and intentional accountability.

By providing employees closest to the work a platform the support to share their feedback and see results, EHSS helps maintains one of its core values: a Safe, Fair, and Fun work environment for all. 

Special Recognition

Georgia Pacific's Virtual Reality offers a technology platform to achieve this desired transformation. During the VR training experience, the employee holds controllers and wears a VR headset that immerses them in real-world scenarios using computer-generated simulations of their workspace. 

Lockheed Martin implemented an ergonomics program to address increased risk, including the increased speed at which manufacturing is performed. By taking a leading-indicator approach for programs at every level of the organization, it created a proactive ergonomics culture with systems to keep itself accountable.  

Committed to Supporting Our Member Companies' Creative HSE Initiatives 

Innovation Awards recognize fresh, effective approaches and programs that protect employees' health, safety and environment. Winners are selected based on a blind review that includes an evaluation of the significance of the innovation, its potential for deployment across industries, and its overall sustainability and contribution to the field of occupational safety and health.

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