Congratulations to the 2019 Innovation Award Winner

We are honored to announce Siemens Healthineers LD as the recipient of the 2019 Innovation Award for Make Open Words Count.

Siemens Healthineers launched a multi faceted global safety communication campaign. The campaign was based on the premise that people´s behavior is strongly influenced by personal experiences. The focus of the campaign was to let employees experience safety with all their senses. The campaign included a video where, through the use of virtual reality, employees were able to experience an accident in their immediate area. The experience is used to facilitate dialogue on the incident and discussion of methods of prevention. The campaign was supported by social media and targeted messaging.

Runners Up

Cubicle Inspection and Repair Safety

Device Initiative (CIRS): Consolidated Edison of New York designed an electrical safety device that can be placed inside switchgear cubicles enabling mechanics to safely and efficiently perform inspections, preventative maintenance and repairs. The use of this device prevents inadvertent contact with energized components (i.e. load and feeder bus bar connections) allowing inspections, maintenance and repairs without the need for a bus section outage. 

Target Zero Leader Initiative

Lockheed Martin implemented a program that encourages every leader to consider safety and health from a new perspective; the company encourages leaders to take a positive tactic by engaging employees. Leaders are provided with tools, including an APP to support the program. Data analytics are used to make improvements to the initiative as well as the app itself. This initiative has been recognized by the US Air force and NASA. 

Committed to Supporting Our Member Companies' Creative HSE Initiatives 

Innovation Awards recognize fresh, effective approaches and programs that protect employees' health, safety and environment. Winners are selected based on a blind review that includes an evaluation of the significance of the innovation, its potential for deployment across industries, and its overall sustainability and contribution to the field of occupational safety and health.

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