Congratulations to the 2020 Innovation Award Winner

We are honored to announce Southern California Edison as the recipient of our 2020 Innovation award for Safety Cultural Change through Predictive Analytics.

Southern California Edison created a Safety Predictive Model using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to flag higher than average work risk activities that may lead to a life-threatening or life-altering incident causing injury or death. The model uses work order data, structure characteristics, injury records, experience, and training. As the model continues to learn the new work orders being processed into the system, it will recommend specific approaches to reduce the risk of a job. 

Runners Up

Distance Assistant

Amazon applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to the camera footage in their buildings to help site leaders identify high traffic areas and implement additional measures to improve social distancing. They later built on this technology to promote social distancing behavior in real-time. 

Safety Moments-COVID-19 Video Series

The Safety Moments video series delivers employee stories through entertaining videos driving safety and health awareness on infection control and resources to reinforce appropriate employee actions during the pandemic, foster employee engagement, and correct COVID-19 misinformation and myths. 

Committed to Supporting Our Member Companies' Creative HSE Initiatives 

Innovation Awards recognize fresh, effective approaches and programs that protect employees' health, safety and environment. Winners are selected based on a blind review that includes an evaluation of the significance of the innovation, its potential for deployment across industries, and its overall sustainability and contribution to the field of occupational safety and health.

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