Congratulations to the 2018 Innovation Award Winner

We are honored to announce Allergan plc as the recipient of the first network-wide, Innovation Award.

Allergan’s Good Observation Program is a scientifically proven, leading indicator program designed to improve EHS performance. The program teaches employees to constantly look for hazards, unsafe conditions, or actions and to report them, making workers more risk-aware and cognizant of their environment. When employees are consistently encouraged to report unsafe conditions, they come to see safety as a collaborative effort and place a higher value on their co-workers’ interests, which leads to a safer workplace.

Runners Up

Covestro implemented an innovative solution to the disposal of toluene diamine (TDA) residue, creating a safe and sustainable fuel for use in the cement industry. 

Johnson & Johnson’s fleet driver mentoring program, which includes feedback to employees, increased awareness of high-risk driving and led to a significant reduction in collisions. 

Lockheed Martin’s structured improvement activities, which use Kaizen-type events to identify risks, have correlated with a decrease in incident rates while improving productivity and quality. 

Committed to Supporting Our Member Companies' Creative HSE Initiatives 

Innovation Awards recognize fresh, effective approaches and programs that protect employees' health, safety and environment. Winners are selected based on a blind review that includes an evaluation of the significance of the innovation, its potential for deployment across industries, and its overall sustainability and contribution to the field of occupational safety and health.

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