The Distracted Brain

Learn Why We Must Keep Our Minds on Driving and Off Our Cell Phones

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    Eighty percent of the people who responded to a National Safety Council survey said they are not aware of the driver distraction and crash risks associated with using hands-free cell phones. NSC recommends policies that prohibit both hands-free and handheld devices while driving to reduce the risk of crashes. Learn why by downloading the free white paper, "Understanding the distracted brain: Why driving while using hands-free cell phones is risky behavior."

    This white paper helps the public and employers understand:

    • How talking on cell phones – handheld or hands-free – affects our driving
    • Why hands-free devices to do not eliminate distraction
    • Why it's important to abandon hands-free even though the law permits it

    Major talking points include:

    • Comparisons between handheld and hands-free devices
    • Why hands-free does not lower driver distraction risks
    • How inattention blindness affects drivers
    • The myths about multi-tasking
    • How talking on cell phones affects our vision while driving