NSC Flagger 4th Edition Transition Resources

Welcome to the NSC Flagger 4th Edition transition resource page. This page is a resource for current flagger instructors teaching the 3rd Edition of NSC Flagger and will assist instructors in transitioning to the new NSC Flagger 4th Edition.

If you operate within a state that has received State approval, you should be offering the 4th Edition course. If you operate within a state that has not received State approval and are still offering 3rd Edition, you may still purchase and use 3rd Edition materials until you receive State approval. 

Please check out the following documents:

How to transition process map: Paying by credit card
How to transition process map: Paying by purchase order
Comparison sheet: Highlights of the Flagger 4th Edition's new features
Frequently asked questions: Includes pricing, product codes and other important information
How to download Flagger 4th Edition instructor materials

To Transition, You Need To:

1. Purchase a Flagger 4th Edition Instructor Resource Kit 
2. Complete the transition webinar
3. Pass a short test related to new content
4. Access the 4th Edition multimedia in your learn.nsc.org account

View a comparison of the previous Flagger edition versus this newly updated edition here.

Call NSC Customer Service at (800) 621-7619 to order your 4th Edition Participant Guides (Product #35000-0300).


Transition Flagger 4th Edition Instructor Resource Kit - Product #35000-0901

Nonmember: $499 $250
Member: $399 $200

Participant Guide (formerly Pocket Guide)* - Product #35000-0300
No price increase!
Nonmember: $11.60
Member: $9.28
*Discounted prices with volume orders

Additional Information

● Flagger 3rd Edition books are not eligible for refunds
● When Flagger 3rd Edition materials are exhausted, no more will be available
● The fee to renew you Flagger instructor credential is $65
● Need to lookup your renewal Flagger instructor credential renewal date? Visit our Instructor Lookup site – here
● Need to pay your expiring/expired Instructor credential? Visit our Instructor Renewal site – here.
● Auto-termination will occur for instructors whose certification is older than 1 year if not renewed by June 30, 2022
● Spanish participant guides will be available soon 

Need help? Please view the FAQ page, or contact NSC Customer Service at (800) 621-7619, NSC Work Zone Team at [email protected], or for technical questions, NSC Learning at [email protected]

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