Whether you are training as a compliance solution or an enhancement to a wellness program, NSC First Aid, CPR & AED Online training is a flexible and affordable option that can be completed in about four hours. This course covers all of the elements of the classroom course and includes a bookmark feature that allows students to save their place in the course.

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Don't be fooled by providers that offer online instruction only. Hands-on skills testing is mandatory for full OSHA compliance. Students who successfully complete a skill test session with an authorized NSC First Aid Instructor receive an NSC course completion card, a key element in keeping your company compliant.

Or, make NSC First Aid, CPR & AED online training a part of your wellness program. It shows employees that their health and well-being is a priority, and it positions the organization as a safer place to work. Employees benefit because they'll learn the essential skills they need to respond to and lessen the severity of life's everyday medical emergencies.

Participants will learn how to:

● Recognize a medical emergency
● Handle breathing and cardiac emergencies
● Sustain life until professional help arrives
● Prevent disease transmission
● Care for bleeding, sudden illness, injuries

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Who would benefit:

● Emergency response teams
● Safety personnel
● Supervisors
● Individuals requiring certification
● General public

Training Online Saves Lives and Money

Compare the cost benefits of NSC online first aid training vs. your current classroom course.

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