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Located in Ogden, UT

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Founded 2020

Becklar creates industry-leading connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals, delivering a world class comprehensive suite of lifesaving and life-enhancing technologies. Becklar leverages its platform of innovative technology and award-winning services to create customizable and comprehensive solutions to meet the connected safety needs of their enterprise and individual customers across diverse industries, including video monitoring and remote guarding, personal emergency response solutions, workforce safety, personal health & safety, vitals monitoring and event response monitoring. 

How does Becklar measure their technology's effectiveness in the field?

Gathering data for everything from success stories, to false alarms. We take pride in our products and services.

Becklar Areas of Expertise

WorkerSafety Pro

Category: Remote or lone worker monitoring



Primary Hazard

Remote or lone worker

Secondary Hazard

Slips, trips, or falls

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