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Located in New York City

Utilities;Health Care and Social Assistance;Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services;Educational Services;Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Industry

Founded 2018

62% of desk workers report living with musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) at any given time. Traditional approaches, while well-intended and based on ergonomic and OSHA recommendations, often fail to effectively reduce workplace MSK pain. This failure is largely due to the complexity of the problem. Vitrue uses injury prevention and treatment innovations developed in professional sports to predict, prevent and rehabilitate workplace injuries. VIDA, our flagship product, employs AI to assess factors like posture, work habits and activities, risks from hobbies and existing pain. It creates personalized risk profiles and recommends tailored mitigation strategies for each user. For employees experiencing more severe MSDs or pain, VIDA offers tailored online rehabilitation programs. These include easy, targeted stretches, ensuring a thorough approach to reducing MSK pain.

How does Vitrue Health measure their technology's effectiveness in the field?

At Vitrue Health, scientific validity and efficacy is a core value. We measure the effectiveness of VIDA in the field through reductions in reported musculoskeletal pain. On average, users with pain report a 34% reduction in pain, equivalent to 2.1 points on the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), a standard measure of pain intensity (compared with 2.8 for costly in-person 6 week physical therapy programs). On average, even users without pain will take 2.1 pain reducing actions based on VIDA results. Finally, we monitor user engagement by measuring the proportion of employees in compliance with OSHA regulations, giving strong legal liability mitigation for employers.

Vitrue Health Areas of Expertise

Vitrue VIDA

Category: Artificial intelligence;MSD-related wearable;Computer vision;Virtual, augmented, or extended reality



Primary Hazard

Musculoskeletal disorders

Secondary Hazard

Remote or lone worker;Musculoskeletal disorders;Loading and unloading


ISO 27001

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