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NSC offers in-person and virtual opportunities to learn more about technologies to reduce injuries and fatalities at work.

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Safety Technology Pavilion

Launched in 2021, the goal of the Safety Technology Pavilion is to better connect industry professionals with safety technology solutions to provide an immersive, interactive, and educational experience. NSC exhibits the Safety Technology Pavilion at two landmark events, the NSC Safety Congress & Expo and Future of EHS

Key Results from the 2024 Future of EHS

  • 97% of event attendees agreed the Safety Tech Pavilion added value to their experience
  • 96% of attendees agreed the interactive tech demonstrations increased their understanding of safety technology solutions

Key Results from the 2023 Future of EHS

  • 93% of event attendees agreed the Safety Technology Pavilion added value to their experience
  • 89% of attendees agreed the interactive tech demonstrations increased their understanding of safety technology solutions

NSC Safety Congress & Expo Pavilion Exhibitors

Safety Innovation Challenge

Every year at the NSC Safety Congress & Expo, the Pavilion presents a Safety Innovation Challenge showcasing technologies that address a specific and widespread safety issue. Safety Innovation Challenge attendees:

● Learn about a pervasive safety issue
● Engage with technology solutions available to solve the risk
● See how to get their company ready to adopt technology
● Learn how to pilot a technology solution

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most prevalent workplace injury, affecting nearly one-quarter of the world’s population. This year's Safety Innovation Challenge identifies MSD concerns challenging organizations and sources emerging technology providers to identify solutions. This year’s six finalists were chosen to highlight emerging technologies in the form of wearable sensors, exoskeletons and computer vision at the 2023 NSC Safety Congress & Expo:

Bioservo Technologies 
Active soft exoskeleton, IronHand, strengthens the human grip allowing industry workers to use less force when performing repetitive and static tasks. This may reduce worker fatigue, prevent MSDs and support age-related decline in grip strength. Ironhand data enables digital risk assessments using validated models HAL-TLV and DUET.

Feraru Dynamics
The HAV-Sentry prevents hand-arm vibration syndrome and repetitive strain injury. The glove measures vibration absorbed in the hand, palm orientation and grip force, alerting the user in real time. The HAV-Sentry system identifies the root cause of exposure and helps businesses establish control measures through data.

Hilti's passive exoskeleton relieves shoulder and arm strain during overhead installation work by providing dynamic support without restricting the range of motion of arm and torso. It is engineered to provide support for overhead installation work on construction jobsites.

Data analysis platform and multi-point sensor system empowers health and safety teams to conduct risk assessments from anywhere in the world. It provides risk severity insights for upper body MSDs, HAV and heat stress exposures. By utilizing the company’s data-driven insights, companies can decrease workplace safety risk.

Reactec helps companies prevent health and safety risks using a powerful combination of workplace wearable technology and cloud-based analytics. Reactec’s third-generation wearable, the R-Link smart watch, protects the wearer from exposure to hand-arm vibration and dangerous proximity to moving vehicles.

3motionAI leverages cutting-edge AI to analyze videos of workers in motion to extract crucial data on performance and injury risk. The company’s proprietary 3DNeuroNet Engine enhances performance across domains and its extensive library caters to various activities.

Does your technology effectively mitigate MSD risks? Please submit an application for the 2024 Safety Innovation Challenge by May 17, 2024.

Boeing Dojo On-the-Go

The Boeing Dojo is an interactive safety exhibit dedicated to helping employees explore, discuss, innovate and replicate safer ways to do their jobs. 

One of the popular innovations currently on display in the Safety Dojo is a vacuum drill guide handle that was developed as a safety solution. It prevents 96% of the composite dust caused by drilling from getting on mechanics. The genesis of this successful solution was a 777 mechanic who brought his concern to the Safety Dojo team.

The “Safety Dojo on-the-go” expands the reach of its impact on safety, quality and environment by providing a mobile, one-stop safety shop for resource identification, safety education, site solution replication and idea generation.

Future of EHS 2024

Nine technology vendors were selected to participate in the 2023 Future of EHS event in Louisville, Kentucky:

Proprietary 3DNeuroNet Engine seamlessly integrates into 3motionAI partners' products and services, granting them access to data insights previously obtainable only through expensive motion capture labs and complex wearable suits and sensors.

Replace failing “honor-systems,” institutional knowledge, and inactionable paper and digital forms with Anvl. Customers gain real-time visibility into the work and workforce via mobile app that pushes instructional content and pulls data from the frontline, allowing management to discover trends and take corrective actions.

Bardavon’s wearable sensors capture movement data to offer real-time alerts to workers, revealing risks caused by high-load movements and poor ergonomics. Safety pros leverage the data for job task analysis, which also informs them when personalized modification training and human intervention is relevant to prevent injuries.

Salux is the only hearing testing and training solution designed expressly by a hearing conservation company for safety managers and occupational nurses to meet regulatory compliance needs. Examinetics has solved the pain points of occupational hearing testing by offering a convenient, seamless and complete hearing testing technology.

Intenseye uses existing facilities' cameras to capture safety risks and provide real-time notifications, risk and trend reports, visualizations and mitigation strategies to modernize safety management. Intenseye AI identifies and analyzes more than 50 EHS use cases with high accuracy rates and processes over 22 billion images daily, driving real ROI for enterprises worldwide.

The MākuSafe wearable gathers real-time data to improve worker health, safety and productivity, including industrial hygiene and environmental concerns, slips, trips and falls, strain and exertion, ergonomic risk, and location and proximity. This provides a more complete picture of workplace risk and trends, and integrates the worker into connected advanced manufacturing environments. Push-to-talk capability improves communication, learning and HOP efforts by enabling real-time communication from the front lines.

RiMM (Risk Intervention with Multisensory Models) is a multisensory training simulator designed to help organizations eliminate workplace accidents and disasters. The simulator immerses employees in lifelike scenarios to develop and practice life-saving safety skills.

TuMeke automates ergonomic risk assessments with computer vision and helps industrial teams drive organizational improvements. The software

identifies movement patterns that risk a future injury and provides guidance on how to correct.

Vitrue Health
Vitrue Health makes technology to eliminate MSDs and musculoskeletal pain in the workplace. Inspired by elite sports, its online platform, VIDA, uses AI to combine ergonomics, behavior, psychology and personal factors like hobbies and preexisting conditions to create personalized, holistic approaches to eliminate pain.

Future of EHS 2023

Ten technology vendors were selected to participate in the 2023 Future of EHS event in Long Beach, California:

Wearable sensor technology for the hand and wrist that provides real-time, measurable and actionable data that helps reduce risky movements

Blackline Safety
Lone worker protection and gas detection to make sure everyone gets home safe

Automated forklift safety and fleet management systems

ERM helps clients move beyond traditional compliance and corrective programs to safeguard lives, protect assets, and strengthen reputation

Go X Labs
Go X Labs provides workforce injury risk predictive analytics and risk management tools on our AI powered SaaS dashboard

Scalable, web-based software provides clients with unprecedented flexibility in managing, tracking and reporting

Safety, Data & Analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures

Modjoul is an entire ecosystem of workplace safety and risk reduction technologies powered by data analysis

A connected frontline operations solution

AI-powered ESG & EHS software and solutions for global enterprises.

Safety progress requires equal parts innovation and collaboration, and by creating new channels for leading-edge solutions to reach employers, we stand better positioned to create safer outcomes for workers worldwide. This is a defining feature of the Safety Innovation Challenge.
Sarah Ischer

Senior Program Manager, MSD Solutions Lab, and EHS Manager at NSC

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