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National Safety Council is leveraging technology to build safer workplaces.

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MSD Solutions Lab

The NSC Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Solutions Lab takes on the most common and pervasive type of injury occurring in the workplace, often known as ergonomic injury, strain, or sprain. This strategic initiative addresses critical issues like tendonitis, back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears, and herniated discs that affect nearly one-quarter of the global population. A multifaceted team of researchers, subject matter experts, and safety professionals aim to provide a holistic approach to ergonomic risk reduction that improves both business efficiency and total worker experience. 

To achieve this, the MSD Solutions lab examines variability within risk factors, conducts innovative research, identifies emerging technology, and forms scalable solutions that cater to a diverse workforce. Together with key stakeholders, the MSD Solutions Lab provides free tools, resource kits, events, and training to help organizations protect their most valuable assets: their employees.

Work to Zero

Every worker deserves to return home safely, yet each year thousands of US workers lose their lives. The Work to Zero initiative aims to eliminate workplace fatalities by 2050 through emerging technology. It seeks to deepen our knowledge of how technology can improve worker safety and help employers integrate new technologies to support workplace safety.

Leveraging a coalition of safety professionals, solution providers and academics, Work to Zero develops evidence-based tools and resources to help make life saving innovation accessible for all employers.

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